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Heat Supplement ?

This time of year we have many customers that are curious about heat supplement options in their home or apartment. Of course you can buy an electric heater from your local home improvement store for $100-200+, but these are generally only good for small spaces.

The next option most people consider is a non-electric space heater. These can also be found at your local home improvement store. The problem is, they take combustible fuels (propane,kerosene,etc.) which can be smelly, messy and dangerous in addition to costly and annoying; especially having to re-fill your kerosene or propane supply first and then your heater 2nd (daily). Believe me, this routine gets old fast.

The solution…Our highest recommendation in this category goes to the Rinnai family of direct vent furnaces. There are several options available based on the square footage you need to heat. Direct vent means, the units exhaust is vented directly outdoors so no dangerous unwanted fumes are left in your living space. The best part of it all is that the unit is hardwired into your homes electric and gas supply for inexpensive heat on demand. So no running to the store for fuel refills (kerosene / propane) when you want/need to heat your home and no smelly cars when your kerosene tank accidentally drips in your back seat (or wherever your tank is stored).

Over the past few years we\’ve installed numerous Rinnai direct vent heaters, now available in natural gas or propane versions. All units are very affordable to purchase, low profile footprint in your home, extremely quiet and very inexpensive to operate. Check out the Rinnai video on this page and then contact us for a free, no obligation price quotation, on the right solution for your home. We can help determine the most cost effective Rinnai solution based on the square footage of your living area in need of extra heat during the colder months.

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A Rinnai direct vent furnace solution is more affordable than you may think.
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Contact us today for a FREE, no obligation price quotation!

A Rinnai direct vent furnace solution is more affordable than you may think.
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Hey Jim, I wanted to thank you and your team at Metro Mechanical for our new Rinnai direct vent furnace. I appreciate your time helping us choose the right model for our high ceiling loft. In past years, this space has always proved difficult to heat with traditional space heaters (kerosene). The new Rinnai (ES38) did the trick! Our oversize room is now a very cozy 68-70 degrees and that\’s on the LOW economy setting! The best part about it is no more fuel smell in the room (as with previous heating methods) and it\’s so quiet you barely know it\’s there. Many thanks to the Metro Mechanical team for a fast and clean installation.


Binghamton, NY

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